About Us

LavaRock™ was started by serial entrepreneur Ted Fuller in 2023 as a way to help a friend named Woody VanErk take his idea of providing sustainable soil regeneration to the masses. Both born-again believers, Ted and Woody see a lot of similarities in what lava rock does for the soil when compared to what the blood of Jesus Christ does for lost sinners. Both are regenerative - meaning that they take what was dead and literally transform it into something that is alive. For years, Ted's dad - who happens to be a farmer - would always talk about rotating crops as a way to keep the mineral levels high in the soil. Otherwise soil becomes depleted and unproductive. But with lava rock the crop rotation practice is enhanced because the soils microbes are biologically transmutated from dead organisms to living organisms which contribute to healthier plants and a soil that has sustained growing capacity for the long term. We see this kind of regeneration everywhere in nature. Even our guts need fresh probiotics to strengthen our overall health. And on a spiritual level, we all need the saving work of Jesus Christ to transform us from dead sinners to living saints. It's all by the grace of God, both in nature and spiritually, that these things have been provided to us for our life and beyond. We are happy to supply you with LavaRock™ Volcanic Dust and the free message of hope and heaven found alone in and through our Lord Jesus Christ.

About Us
LavaRock™ consists of Ted Fuller and his dedicated team of preparation, packing, shipping and receiving agents. Woody VanErk supplies Ted with high-quality, wholesale volcanic lava dust and Ted repurposes it for growing hobbyists, gardeners, and commerical end users.

We act on the CARE principle:

C - Care about the needs of everyone you deal with
A - Act with honesty and integrity in everything you do
R - Respond in love and with the message of hope found only in Jesus Christ
E - Make sure that everyone can experience the love of God through our words and actions