What is LavaRock™? 

LavaRock™ is a brand name for mineralyte. Mineralyte stimulates and supports the organisms that feed, metabolize, and release nutrients into your soil. Without this food web, soil-based nutrients would just sit there, bound up in molecules that plants cannot use.

What is mineralyte made of?

Sea Minerals - Full spectrum of sea minerals from our ancient sea deposit in central Utah

Humic Acid - Rich compounds from fully decomposed organic matter

Volcanic Ash - Weathered volcanic ash conditioner from our ancient deposit in central Utah

How is LavaRock™ applied?

Once a year, sprinkle the product uniformly over your soil. Mix in the soil yourself or allow watering to leach the product into the soil. For best results, water after application.

How much LavaRock™ do I need?

One five pound pouch will cover 250 square feet, or 1 cup per 30 square feet.

Why is LavaRock™ better than commercial fertilizer?

LavaRock™ knows that nourishment starts from the ground up. Simply put, we are what our food eats. Plants grown in nutrient rich soil pass along those benefits all the way up the food chain. Mineralyte creates a healthier soil ecosystem, which means more organic matter to fertilize your plants. Mineralyte also increases your soil's CEC levels (cation exchange capacity) and creates a storage of nutrients that your plants can exchange and trade for what they need.

Where does your LavaRock™ originate?

Weathered volcanic ash conditioner from Redmond's ancient deposit in central Utah.

Can I become a LavaRock™ distributor?

Yes, please e-mail us at sales@lavarock.ca for more information.

Do you have a retail store outlet for LavaRock™?

Yes, we are located at 5 Industrial Road in St.Marys, Ontario, Canada. See Map.

Do you ship to the USA?

Yes, we are able to ship to the USA.

What is your shipping speed and time?

We ship in 3-5 business days in Canada and 3-8 business days to the USA.

Can I resell your LavaRock™?

Yes, with our permission and the permission of our supplier. Please contact us at sales@lavarock.ca.

Does LavaRock™ have a shelf life?

No it does not expire.